The Westlake Youth Football Ute Conference organization was started to bring competitive, quality youth football to the Westlake community. Here are the things that set us apart as the preferred Westlake Youth Football program that you do not get from the other youth organization.

  • We compete in the UTE CONFERENCE, the largest youth football conference in the USA! We are a NON-Profit 501c3 organization ensuring your hard earned money goes to the kids, instead of a business that is profiting from youth football.
  • All home games and practices are held at VISTA HEIGHTS Middle School, right here in Saratoga Springs. All of our teams practice at Vista Heights, so there is LESS TRAVEL. If you have multiple kids in the program, you will have the opportunity to sit and enjoy watching all of your kids practice, rather than travel all over Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.
  • On GAME DAY you will be able to stay at one location to watch all of the teams play. The 2017 season has 5 HOME games!! This means the games are played at Vista Heights Middle School, in Saratoga Springs. (The exception would be the B teams- they will play AWAY games at a different venue, all B teams will play HOME games at Vista Heights) You can see the A team schedules here. We play a true home and away schedule.
  • We use high quality, certified safe equipment to ensure the safety of your child. Helmets are reconditioned (NOT REFURBISHED) every 2 years and disposed of after 6 years to ensure proper protection for your child. Strict safety standards are in place to ensure all equipment is kept up to par.
  • Teams are separated by age instead of by grade. This keeps the kids safe and competing on a level playing field against players their own age and not against older players that are physically advanced. A single year makes a huge difference in the physical stature of kids. Birthday cut-off date is the first of September.
  • There are 4 referees at EVERY game instead of 2 or 3. This means more eyes to see what is happening all over the field. Not only where the ball is going.
  • We have Emergency personnel on-site at every game to ensure your child’s safety. If there is a player down on the field, a certified trainer is on-site to assess each individual situation and help determine the severity of each injury.
  • We also have Security personnel on-site at every game. Is there a fouled mouth gentleman/lady yelling at the referees, and causing a scene?  Security personnel are there to quickly defuse the situation, so everyone can enjoy the game.
  • Top of the line home, and away jerseys for your player to keep. We do not supply screen print jerseys from the local print company. The Ute Conference supplies personally embroidered, durable NFL-style jerseys.
  • All coaches must pass a background check. Coaches are not allowed on the sideline without their proper badge being worn visibly. All coaches must also pass the USA Football Certifications.
  • Districts are separated, and compete, with districts of like size to help ensure competitive balance. This is determined by the previous year enrollment numbers. This is similar to how the High Schools are ranked.
  • You get to play a different district every week instead of playing the same few multiple times a year.
  • Westlake teams never have to compete against each other! We develop a true FAMILY atmosphere in our program.

When it comes to youth football, there is only one choice. Give your child the best football experience, Westlake Youth Football Ute Conference.